2 or 3 Speed Axle Shifting Instructions from the owner’s manual. How to shift those extra gears…

Axle Shift Only

To Downshift: Keep the accelerator down. Select slower ratio position. Release and depress accelerator pedal as quickly as possible or disengage and re-engage clutch as quickly as possible.
Note: Clutch method recommended for slower speeds.

To Up-shift: Keep accelerator down. Select a faster ratio position. Release accelerator pedal and pause until axle shifts.
Note: For smoother axle up-shifts at slow speeds declutch also.
Note: In all axle up-shifts, move the control switch to position first. When split shifting to a slower axle ratio, DO NOT move the control switch until just move the control switch until just before engaging the clutch.

Lockout Mechanism – Tandem Axles Only
1. Engage Lockout in low axle ratio only. 2. Engage lockout at slow speeds but never when wheels are spinning. 3. Axles should not be shifted with the lockout engaged. SPLIT SHIFTING Combined Axle and Transmission Shift

To Downshift the axle to a slower ratio and up-shift or downshift the transmission and just before clutch is re-engaged move the control switch to a slower ratio shift the transmission position.

To Up-shift the axle and downshift or up-shift the transmission move the control switch to a faster ratio position and make the transmission shift in the usual manner.


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