International Truck 1957-59 Fordomatic
International Truck — Automatic Drive (DG 3 Band) (1950-66)

Fordomatic, Mercomatic, Flashomatic, FMX (Cast Iron) (1951-81) Let the games begin.
In 1951 Ford entered the automatic arms race with the Fordomatic transmission. This was one of the most versatile family of transmissions to ever hit the market. Beginning with the small case unit in 1951, this model mutated through the medium case unit (1955), the Flashomatic Borg Warner 8 unit (1957), the large case unit (1958), the Borg Warner 12 unit (1967) and FMX unit (1968) and survived all the way to 1981 when the FMX was discontinued.
This series of transmission was used by Ford, Ford Truck, Lincoln, Mercury, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, Dodge Truck, International Truck, Studebaker, Willy’s and Jaguar. This unit also found its way into airport tugs, fork lifts and various other industrial equipment.

The easiest way to determine which version you have is to measure the length of the main case. The small case units are 9 7/8" long, medium case units are 10 1/4" long, large case units to 1960 are 10 7/8" long and large case PCA units from 1961-65 are 11 1/2" long.
Another way to determine which unit you have is by the code on the tag on the driver’s side of the transmission. The code you are looking for will begin with either a 1 or a P. The early units to 1960 had no vacuum modulator.

Automatic Drive (DG 3 Band) (1950-66)
Also hitting the market in 1950 was the Automatic Drive. This unit was used by Jaguar, Studebaker, Hudson, Divco, Dodge Truck, International Truck, Twin Coach and for one year, Mercedes.

This cast iron unit was unique in the fact that it used three bands for operation. The oil pan was small (about 9" x 10") and held up by 10 bolts.


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