GRD-233 Engine Details

GRD Engine specifications, plugs, etc..

Green Diamond: Flat head, six cylinder 50 net horsepower @ 3400 rpm
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4, counter clockwise
Spark Plugs: Champion: J-11, gap: .028 – .032
Distributor: Points:
Standard #DR-2227XP
.018 to .024
Standard #DR-50X
Standard #DR-413
Standard #DR-158
Standard #UC-14X (6 volt)
Oil Filter: “sock style” NAPA #1011
Generator: Regulator:
Standard #VR-1
Standard #RX-51
Fan Belt Gates #558 gs

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1 Response to GRD-233 Engine Details

  1. D15H says:

    The early GRD engine used in the K series used the same 18 mm Champion D-16 plug as the HD series engine

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