Make Your Own Gaskets

IHC gasket sets are often hard to find. When you can not find a proper gasket one method for overcoming the immediate need is to make your own. One method often overlooked in the use of the original part to make your new gasket. There are several methods, but the following two methods have been used successfully.

Gasket Making

One:purchase sheet stock gasket material of the same type as the original gasket being replaced. Cut a piece of gasket about 1-2 inches larger than the dimensions of the surface for which the gasket is to be placed once manufactured. Examine each half of the two surfaces to be gasketed, select the half that has the deepest inner cavity as a template /tool for making your gasket. Now while firmly holding your gasket material against the selected surface , use a small metallic tool to carefully tap around the edges of the object to be gasketed. Your will find that with care you will outline the part (template) and the gasket material will be cleanly cut. Continuing to hold the gasket in place, tap at the interior surfaces of the part, again the gasket should outline the inner edge. If your are successful a completed replacement gasket will be your reward.

Two: Again purchase a proper sized piece of gasket material as well as a stamp pad inking stick. Using the stamp pad stick quickly ink all of the surfaces of the part to be gasketed. Once ink has been applied, place that surface onto the gasket material, taking care to not smear your impression. Remove the part and you will have a gasket positive that can be cut out with a craft knife or razor blade.


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