Release of Light Truck V-304A Engine for Scout, D-Line, and Metro Models

SLM70-39 September 14, 1970
Following is a list of features incorporated in the V-304A engine used in the light-duty truck models listed above.
A cast aluminum piston less the top ring groove insert. This type of piston is typical of all competitive light truck engines. The elimination of the top ring groove insert in the piston reduces the piston head temperatures by approximately 50 degrees.
The new crankshaft is quenched and tempered in lieu of the present version V-304 crankshaft which has induction hardened bearing surfaces. The bearing material used in the new light-duty truck engine is of copper, lead, or aluminum alloy. This material is considered a premium bearing in the light-duty truck engine.
The intake valve material is of aluminized steel. It is a standard material normally used in light-duty truck engines. A new type exhaust valve slow rotating device typically used in light-duty truck engines will be incorporated in the V-304A cylinder head. Exhaust valve seats are machined directly into the cylinder head. The elimination of valve seat inserts reduces the valve head temperature by 100 degrees and thus eliminates the need for stellite facing, permitting the use of austenitic steel which is a reliable truck exhaust valve material. The exhaust valve positive rotators cannot be used with the light-duty truck V-304A engine cylinder head, because the valves with positive rotators will grind away the head seats without inserts very rapidly. The seat width on the exhaust valves for the V-304A engine is 3/32"-1/8" instead of 5/64"-7/64". All other engine specifications for the V-304A are the same as the V-304 engine. The light-duty truck engine will be identified by "V-304A" stamped on the serial number pad.
The V-304A engine will be serviced with the present V-304 engine components, including single pistons or inserts, now in the service parts system, except the exhaust valve positive rotators which are replaced by a washer, IH No. 391 928 C1, and spacer, IH No. 391 932 C1, known as the slow rotating device. On the V-304A engine cylinder head where exhaust valve seats are worn beyond reconditioning, it should be noted there is sufficient material at this area to cut a counter-bore and install a service V-304 exhaust valve insert.


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