Where is that ID tag?

Identifying your IHC Truck, from Martin Lynn
If it is an L or R series there should be a vin plate on the drivers door. That will tell you exactly what it is including the engine. If that is gone and it is an early 50s it will most likely have a SD-220 engine.
The engine size and serial number is stamped right under the head in the front passenger side. The oil pan should have 220 stamped in 3 to 4 inch numbers on the bottom.
I found the original line ticket on the top of the glove box (outside) for one of my trucks. I have heard that is where IH put them.


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1 Response to Where is that ID tag?

  1. Kurt Tirevold says:

    I actuall found my line ticket, whats left of it, under my truck rear end on the chasis. Im restoring this 1954 r160 4×4. Its an old fire truck our little fire dept owned from 1978 to 1996. All up and running . Should be ready fir the paint shop in february hopefully

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