September 11, 1958
Subject File — Frames

Stirrup Type Front Bumper Steps Added to AC=-l5O Through AC-l89O Chassis.

Stirrup type front bumper steps made from l/4 thick sheet steel have been installed on the above model production chassis.

The new stirrup type step mounted at each end of the bumper on the lower flange was approved, to assist maintenance personnel when servicing the
radiator and engine.

On chassis in service where the stirrup type front bumper steps are desired, they may be installed as outlined below and shown in Fig. 1.
l. Measuring from centerline of bumper locate two holes in front bumper lower flange for mounting step.
2. Position bumper step to lower flange of bumper.
3. Using 3/8-24 x l hex. head bolts, 3/8-24 nuts and 3/8 lock washers mount step to bumper lower flange.
4. Tighten mounting bolts securely.
5. Repeat above operation on opposite end of bumper. Part number of
the new front bumper step is Z13 404 R1 (2 req’d.).
A Motor Truck Service Bulletin will not be issued on this subject.

Front Bumper Step Installation0001It is our belief that every customer is entitled to and shall receive two distinct services… one from the product itself and the other from the organization bock of it.


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