Motor Truck Service Letter #SL-86

September 11, 1958
Subject File —Clutch

Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop and Heavier Pedal Stop Retainer Now Utilized on ACF 195D, 205, and ACZZSD Chassis.

The present clutch pedal stop and stop retainer has been replaced by a threaded adjustable stop and heavier retainer on the above model production chassis. Starting chassis serial numbers of chassis equipped with the new stop and retainer are as follows:
Truck Model                            Starting Chassis Serial No.
ACFZOSD                                               FA-22538
The new threaded adjustable pedal stop has two major functions, in that it provides a means for controlling the clutch pedal height, and when properly
adjusted will remove excessive clutch pedal control linkage free play.

The new heavier clutch pedal stop retainer will prevent possible retainer
bending when the clutch pedal is released after application.

On chassis in service where abnormal clutch control linkage free play is
observed, or the present clutch pedal height is not suitable, the new pedal stop
and stop retainer can be installed. Fig. 1 illustrates the new pedal stop and
retainer as installed on the vehicle.

Part numbers involved in the above change are as follows:
New Part N0.     Description                           Replaced Part No.         N0. Reg’d.
162 550 R91       Stop, Clutch Pedal                      162. 212 R1                        1
196 682 R1          Retainer, Clutch Pedal Stop   162 478 R2                         1

A Motor Truck Service Bulletin will not be issued on this subject.

Clutch Pedal Stop Installation Diagram0001

It is our belief that every customer is entitled to and shall receive two distinct services . . . one from the product itself and the other from the organization back of it.


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