September I9, 1958  SL87
Subject File — Engines

Full Flow Oil Filter Assembly With Paper Type Cartridge, Replacing Partial Flow Oil Filter Assembly With Sock Type Cartridge.  Production and Service BD-282, 308 Engines.  Service Only BD-269 Engines.

A full flow oil filter assembly utilizing a paper type filter element cartridge Fig. l is now being used on production BD-282 and 308 engines to replace the partial flow filter assembly with sock type filter cartridge. The full flow oil filter is designed to filter all of the oil entering the engine main oil gallery, providing more effective engine bearing protection.

The full flow oil filter is installed in an inverted position (Filter Shell Down) while the partial flow filter was installed in an upright position.

The full flow filter base incorporates two oil control valves, namely filter
differential valve and pressure control valve.

Functions of these valves are as follows:
Filter differential valve by-passes oil to bearings when element becomes
contaminated. The engine main oil gallery pressure is determined by pump pressure less oil pressure drop after oil is filtered through element. Approximate pressure drop with a new filter element is l to 2 lbs. The engine main oil gallery pressure continues to drop as element becomes contaminated, until the 12-15 lb. filter differential valve setting is reached, at which time the differential valve permits the oil to by-pass the clogged filter element, maintaining an unfiltered supply of oil to the engine’s main oil gallery. NOTE: Installation of a full flow oil filter to engines in service previously incorporating the partial flow oil filter will
require changing the filter element more frequently until engine is clean. The frequency of oil filter element change depends entirely upon the type of operation, road conditions, mechanical condition of engine and quality or type of oil being used. Refer to full flow oil filter maintenance instructions.

Pressure control valve controls the pump discharge pressure at 50-55 lbs.
Oil relieved by the valve is directed back into the oil pan. NOTE: Use of the full flow oil filter required increasing the oil pump pressure from 35-45 lbs. (maximum pressure 1500 R.P.M.) to 50-55 lbs. to assure satisfactory engine main oil gallery pressure in the event the filter cartridge element becomes clogged. Where improved oil filtration and increased bearing service life is desired on BD-Z69, Z82. and 308 engines in service, a full flow oil filter assembly is now available through service parts. This full flow oil filter is available in a kit, under part number Z17 794 R91, which contains the necessary parts and installation instructions.

Part number of Kit and its contents are listed below:
217794-R91 Kit, Full Flow Oil Filter Consists of:

1-2.14561-R91 Oil Filter Assembly W/5" Cartridge
4-180149 Bolt, Hex. Hd. 7/l6NC X 1-1/2
4-120383 Washer, Lock 7/16 Med.
l-35654-HA Gasket to Crank Case
1-AM-47737 Installation Diagram

Serviceable component parts for 214561-R91 oil filter assembly. Refer to Fig. l for location and Key No.

Key IH Part No. Description No. Req”d.
1 216240-R91 Base, Oil Filter Assembly w/Valves 1
10 213370-Rl Ring, Retaining 2
8 216236-R1 Valve, Relief 2
9 216233-R1 Spring, Valve (low comp) 1
11 216234-R1 Spring, Valve (high comp) 1
3 2.16385-R1 Body, Oil Filter 1
4 214731-R91 Filter Element Assembly 1
2 216235-Rl Gasket, Oil Filter Body 1
5 133765-R1 Spring, Oil Filter Shell 1
7 216232-Rl Bolt, Hold Down, Oil Filter 1
6 147724-R1 Washer, Oil Filter Shell 1
35654-HA Gasket, Oil Filter Base 1

Full Oil filter maintenance instructions.
The frequency of oil filter cartridge change depends entirely upon the type of truck operation, road conditions, mechanical condition of engine,  and quality or type of oil being used. Filter cartridge life cannot be  determined by mileage or hours of operations alone. The mileage and  hour figures shown are given merely as a guide, as operating conditions  vary.

BD-269,282and308 Engine Full Flow Filter-inverted type0001 Should changing the oil filter cartridge be neglected when the cartridge becomes filled with contaminants, the filter will cease to function, permitting contaminants to accumulate within the engine. This will shorten the life of future cartridges and new oil, until such time as the engine is again clean.

The recommended oil filter cartridge change is 3,000 to 4,000 miles or
90 to 120 hours. Remove oil filter body and cartridge. Clean inside of filter body and install cartridge. Torque oil filter shell hold down bolt 30-35 ft. lbs. Operate engine a few minutes and check filter for leaks.   CAUTION: More frequent cartridge changes are required, depending on rate of oil contamination caused by extreme dusty conditions, multi-stop and cold-weather operation. Lubricant capacity of the full flow oil filter 1S approximately one quart.

It is our belief that every customer is entitled to and shall receive two distinct services . . .
one from the product itself and the other from the organization back of it.


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