September 18, 1958 SL 88
Subject File – Clutch

Clutch Pedal and Control Linkage
Improved on A-100 to AC-1890 Chassis.

Since the initial release of A-Line vehicles, various improvements have been made to the clutch pedal linkage and clutch control linkage used on these model vehicles. These improvements to the clutch pedal and control linkage have reduced clutch pedal effort, overcome abnormal loss of clutch pedal free travel, and provided improved clutch disengagement.
The specific changes made to the clutch pedal and control linkage are listed as follows:
1. Linkage from clutch pedal to clutch release lever changed from a two piece
rod and turn buckle to a one piece control rod, Fig. 1, With this type linkage, pedal adjustment is accomplished through use of an offset adjustable yoke on the control rod. NOTE: On some chassis, the offset yoke is located at the release lever end, while other chassis have the yoke located at the clutch pedal end.

Figure 1

2.  Clutch pedal free travel reduced from 2" to l-7/16".
3.  New design clutch relay lever bracket with stud and nylon bushing replacing
the previous bracket with bolt, nut and washer, Fig. 2 AC Models only.
4.  New design clutch release lever on A-100 thru A-l8O series chassis.
New parts shown in Figs. l and Z are designated by name, while replaced
parts are designated with an asterisk.
On chassis in service where high clutch effort or loss of clutch pedal’s free travel is being experienced, the new clutch linkage and component parts a listed in parts list and shown in Figs, 1 and Z, can be installed.
If old parts of clutch linkage not affected by this change show indication of wear it is advisable to also replace these parts at time of clutch linkage modification.

figure 2

The clutch pedal is mounted on a cross shaft and utilizes two nylon bushings and requires no lubrication.
To obtain matching level or height of clutch pedal with brake pedal, adjust pedal stop retainer located on support assembly. The slotted hole in the support assembly allows for sufficient adjustment to bring the clutch pedal to the same level as the brake pedal. A change in clutch pedal height may require a pull back spring adjustment and pedal free travel adjustment.

The clutch pedal should have a minimum of 1-7/16" free movement before
clutch pressure is felt. If clutch pedal free movement is less than 1-7/16 ,
adjustment is necessary to provide adequate throw-out bearing to lever clearance. Increase or decrease clutch free travel as follows: Remove yoke from
clutch pedal or relay lever and loosen lock nut on end of adjustable yoke.
Looking down on yoke, turn yoke counterclockwise to increase free travel, turn
clockwise to decrease free travel. Tighten lock nut after adjustment.

The aforementioned change does not affect clutch assembly specifications
listed in Motor Truck Service Manual CTS-2039-S, Section A, Page 1. How-
ever, the change in pedal free travel should be noted. (Literature will be
changed. at reprinting.)
The new parts are interchangeable with the old when used collectively and
both will be provided for service upon order.


New Part No.


Models Used On

Replaced Part No.

208 337 R11 Pedal, Clutch All Models 185 064 R11
56 632 R1 Rod, clutch All Models  
  Rod, clutch control (upper)   180 128 R1
  Rod, clutch control (lower)   183 474 R1
208 344 R1 Yoke, adjustable, offset Turnbuckle, control rod All Models 180 135 R1
62 042 VA Yoke, adjustable   — — —
208 354 R1 Spring, pedal return All Models 96 282 H
  Extension, pedal return spring   175 462 R1
208 350 R11 Lever, clutch release A-150 through 180, A-140, 160 4×4 180 295 R91
208 341 R91 Lever, clutch release AC-150 through 180 180 529 R11
199 700 R11 Lever, clutch release AC-100 thru 130, A-120 4×4 168 549 R11
208 352 R91 Shaft, clutch release (with 10” or 11” clutch) A-140 4×4, A-160 4×4, A-150 through 180 180 136 R11
208 347 R91 Shaft, clutch release (with 10” or 11” clutch) AC-150 thru 180, ACD-160 180 136 R11
208 346 R91 Shaft, clutch release (with 12” ) AC-150 thru 180, ACD-160 180 137 R11
208 353 R91 Shaft, clutch release (with 12” ) AC-150 thru 180, A-140 4×4, A-160 4×4, 180 137 R11
208 343 R11 Lever, relay asm. AC-150 thru 180, ACD-160 180 569 R11
208 353 R11 Bracket, clutch release AC-150 thru 180, ACD-160 180 566 R1
208 345 R1 Bolt, relay lever to bracket bushing, nylon, clutch release lever AC-150 thru 180, ACD-160 180 570 R1

It is our belief that every customer is entitled to and shall receive two distinct services ..
one from the product itself and the other from the organization back of it.


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