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The Aultman-Miller Co

The Aultman-miller Co.—The Aultman-Miller Co. was a long established concern, having a plant for the manufacture of harvesting machines and twine at Akron, Ohio; its machines, moreover, had a considerable reputation. This company became bankrupt in 1903, and was bought from the trustees in … Continue reading

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Let me say up front that what I suggest below is the result of breaking two pieces of new windshield glass, and ruining one rubber gasket before figuring out the easiest way to assemble the KB windshield frame. These steps … Continue reading

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Windshield Gasket Installation

WINDSHIELD GASKET ASSEMBLY 1. First of all, the windshield frame needs to be held securely. I used two milling machine vises to hold the windshield while I installed the gasket, but I realize that most people don’t have that option. … Continue reading

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OldIHC forum rules

Warning… Your postings on the OldIHC public forum will become public. Your text will be available to anyone with an internet connection. By using this web site, you agree to be contacted by site administration, regardless of your account settings, … Continue reading

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September 30,1958 SL 90 Subject File – Bodies, Cabs and Cowls Cab Door Reinforcement. A, AC, ACF, ACO and ACD Models. Where flexing of the cab door upper half is encountered to the extent that proper sealing is not maintained, … Continue reading

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September 30,1958  SL 91 Subject File—Wheels, Tires Head Size of Tire Carrier Lock Plate  Clamp Bolt Changed from 3/4" and/or 13/l6"to 7/8". A-120, A-120 4×4. Fleet Service News Letter No. 4 dated January 10, 1958, announced that the spare tire … Continue reading

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