September 30,1958  SL 91
Subject File—Wheels, Tires

Head Size of Tire Carrier Lock Plate  Clamp Bolt Changed from 3/4" and/or
13/l6"to 7/8". A-120, A-120 4×4.

Fleet Service News Letter No. 4 dated January 10, 1958, announced that the
spare tire carrier lock plate clamp bolt had been changed from 3/4" to 13/16".
However, since that time, it has been discovered that the Wheel mounting nuts
and Wheel nut Wrench on A-120, A-120 4×4 chassis are 7/8" (across flats) thus the wheel nut wrench supplied with the vehicle, will not fit either the 3/4” or 13/16" tire carrier lock plate clamp bolts. To correct the above condition on
production chassis a 7/8" lock plate clamp bolt has been released, and is also
available for service requirements under Part No. 209 780-Rl. The 7/8" clamp
bolt is interchangeable with both the 3/4" and l3/16" clamp bolts and can be
installed on chassis built prior to this change.
Note: The 13/16" No. 201 551-R1 tire carrier lock plate clamp bolt outlined in
Fleet News Letter No. 4 should continue to be utilized on A-100 and A-110 chassis.


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