September 30,1958 SL 90
Subject File – Bodies, Cabs and Cowls
Cab Door Reinforcement. A, AC, ACF, ACO and ACD Models.

Where flexing of the cab door upper half is encountered to the extent that proper sealing is not maintained, it is recommended that a reinforcement be installed in the cab door as shown in Fig. l. Fig. l shows only the inner panel of a left door having a reinforcement installed. The purpose of this is to clearly illustrate the proper position of the reinforcement as it is to be installed in the door.
Parts required to make this installation are to be ordered through your regular
Service Parts Source under the following part numbers:

IH Part Number Description No. Req’d.
8 000 000 R11 Reinforcement (for left door) 1
8 000 001 R11 Reinforcement (for right door) 1

When performing the reinforcement operation, the cab door need not be removed from the cab, however, the door should be checked for alignment and fit while in the closed position. If necessary, straighten the door before installing the new reinforcement.
The procedure outlined below should be followed:
1. Disassemble the door as outlined in Motor Truck Service Manual CTS-Z103,
Section C, under headings as follows:
A. Cab Door Glass Removal.
B. Cab Door Glass Regulator Removal.
C. Cab Door Glass ‘Window Channels and Seals Removal.
D. Cab Door Vent Glass Window Removal.
E. Cab Door Opening Weather seal Removal.

After the door has been disassembled per above instructions, it will be necessary
to remove the present reinforcement in the door front pillar by drilling 1/4" diameter holes through the welds on the front edge of the pillar. (Note: These holes will be used as welding points when installing the new reinforcement.)

With the use of a hack saw, cut the vent window lower retainer clip loose from
the outer panel. Using a small cold chisel and hammer, remove retainer clip from the pillar.

Measure 4-3/4" down from the center of the upper retainer clip mounting hole
and scribe a mark for locating the top edge of the new reinforcement in the door
pillar. Approximately l/2" below the mark, drill three l/4" diameter holes through front edge of pillar as shown in Fig. 2.

In addition to drilling holes in the pillar, it will be necessary to drill l/4"
diameter holes in the inner panel and hinge box as indicated by arrows shown in
Fig. 3.

Working through door panel opening, install reinforcement in position, making
sure the distance between the upper and lower retainer clip mounting holes measures 11 inches. Hold reinforcement in this position with three "C“ clamps as shown in Fig. 2.

At each of the holes, electric weld reinforcement in place. Also weld the bottom
of the reinforcement inside the door as indicated by arrows shown in Fig. 1.

After completing the welding operation, remove the “C" clamps and grind the
weld surfaces smooth for refinishing.

In the event the door weather seal is damaged during the welding operation, it
will be necessary to replace the seal.

Reassemble the door by referring to Motor Truck Service Manual CTS-2.103 for reassembly and adjustment of door.

Starting chassis serial numbers of chassis employing doors having the heavier
reinforcement are not available at this time.

Production chassis utilizing the cab door reinforcement can be identified by the
weld marks located on the front edge of the inner panel. Refer to Fig. 3 for the
approximate location of the weld marks indicated by the three arrows shown below the door seal.

figure 1 Fig. 1

figure 2

Fig. 2

figure 3 
Fig. 3

Part numbers of the new service doors having the heavier reinforcements are as follows:

New IH Parts No. Description Old IH Part No. No Req’d.

A-Line Chassis

176 992 R92 Door, ass’y. (left) 176 992 R91 1
176 993 R92 Door, ass’y. (right) 176 993 R91 1
  AC, ACF, ACD Chassis    
176 990 R92 Door, ass’y. (left) 176 990 R91 1
176 991 R92 Door, ass’y. (right) 176 991 R91 1
  ACO  Chassis    
196 313 R92 Door, ass’y. (left) 196 313 R91 1
196 314 R92 Door, ass’y. (right) 196 314 R91 1

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