Windshield Gasket Installation


1. First of all, the windshield frame needs to be held securely. I used two milling machine vises to hold the windshield while I installed the gasket, but I realize that most people don’t have that option. This would be a good time to recruit at least on helper to hold the windshield while you install the gasket.

2. I cannot over emphasize that the gasket channel has to be clean and free of obstructions, especially on the corners. If it is not, the gasket will be hard to install, will not fit, and will not seat properly.

3. Take your new gasket and give it a bath with dish washing detergent in hot water. This gets rid of any residue from the manufacturing process and softens up the gasket. Rinse well with hot water, and dry the gasket.

4. Lubrication. I have tried several rubber lubricants, and I think Armor All is the best for installing the gasket. Liquid soap works but leaves a mess. In addition, liquid soap is water based and tends to rust the metal in the frame under the gasket.

5. Find the center of your gasket. Lube the gasket and the gasket channel with Armor All, and starting at the top center of the frame and the center of the gasket, squeeze the triangular part of the gasket into the channel. If you work from the inside, insert the inside corner of the rubber gasket into the channel, then use a medium sized screw driver to push the outside corner into the channel while applying some tension to the gasket. Be careful not to cut the rubber with the screwdriver. Work your way around the top corner of the frame and down the side, and then go back to the top center and go in the other direction to the other bottom corner. At this point, turn the windshield up side down, and complete the installation around the bottom corners to the center where the two ends of the gasket need to be trimmed. Caution: Be careful when trimming. Cut one end square and push into the frame. Cut the other end on the long side and squeeze into the frame. This will avoid leaving a gap. If you do end up with a gap, use your fingers to stretch the gasket a little. Clean the ends with alcohol and use crazy glue to bond the ends together.

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  1. The lubrication idea sounds good to install a windshield. I think the rest is more or less specific to a certain windshield and many cars will have many different methods to install a gasket-ed windshield.

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