OldIHC Encounter

Several years ago, a small group of fellow IH truck guys here in the greater Minneapolis would get together for either dinner, a show, or other event. And sometimes to help work on a truck. It was good to see the guys and sit down to talk with one another, look at our trucks, etc. Personally, I miss those times.

Yesterday I mentioned the concept with one of our newer OldIHC forum members who lives about 40 miles from here. He was all for it and even offered the use of his house/garage.

One thing leads to another and now I am back on track to see if anyone wants to do this in their area.

I have created a forum topic area specifically for our local group so we can post dates, times, etc. in it.

Typical group names would be like this: OldIHC Encounter – Minneapolis, MN (http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=51)

If you decide that you want to have your own group, email me directly and I will create a forum topic area for you. jim.hadfield@gmail.com


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Retired and enjoying it.
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