Tune-up parts GRD engines

Using the IH MT-52D parts manual Group 6/0603,0604,0604B. PN’s were then all crossed and matched.

For Reference only;
Distributor assy.
95275HA IH
1110095 Delco
^^^ Superseded By:
1112361 Delco

136986H IH
824735 Delco
DR-413 SMP
RR-95 Echlin

136990H IH
820445 Delco
DR-158 SMP
RR-83 Echlin

1900272 Delco
DR-50 SMP (HD)
RR-174 Echlin
RR-1750 Echlin (HD)

136995H IH
1848038 Delco
1855720 Delco
DR-2227P SMP
CS-763A Echlin (HD)
CS-763P Echlin (Pierced)

Coil (6V)
1115327 Delco
1115103 Delco
IC-7 Echlin

Spark Plug
GRD-175,214,214A 14mm*thread
295 Autolite
J-8 Champion <non resistor>
R45 AC
306 Autolite
RJ-8 Champion <resistor>

GRD-233,233A 14mm*
R43 AC
303 Autolite
RJ-6 Champion <resistor>

GRD-175,214,214A 18mm*thread
C87 AC
386 Autolite
C87 AC = 516 Champion
386 Autolite = 541 Champion

GRD-233,233A 18mm*
C87 AC
386 Autolite

14mm for eng. s/n;
GRD-175-1760 up
GRD-214-65429 up
GRD-214A-4378 up
GRD-233-63954 up
GRD-233A-2029 up
18mm for eng. s/n;
Below GRD-175-1760
Below GRD-214-65429
Below GRD-214A-4378
Below GRD-233-63954
Below GRD-233A-2029

Wire set
96620 Autolite
The only pre-made set found for IH 6cyl. engs. (BG241)

Pertronix Ignitor for 1112361 Distributor assy.
Ignitor 6V Negative Ground 1168LSN6
Ignitor 12V Negative Ground 1168LS
Ignitor 6V Positive Ground 1168LSP6
Ignitor 12V Positive Ground 1168LSP12
1112361 Distributor uses same tune-up parts as 1110095 Distributor which would indicate the above will work in both.


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