R-100 brake drums

Information from Paul p1huscher@aol.com

R 100 Brake Drum

New R-100 brake drums are just not out there.
But there’s a solution that works well.
Get a NAPA #640 1140, or Raybestos 2311 brake drum. Take it to your local machine shop and have them re-drill it for the 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.


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2 Responses to R-100 brake drums

  1. Rodger Rainey says:

    I have a gas tank question. The gas tank was removed from my 1947 KB-5. Do the approximate 3” bolts and springs go between, or underneath the bracket and the tank, or exactly how does the tank attach to the brackets/truck?
    Thank you,

  2. Tj Coggins says:

    Ive got a 47 kb 5. if your still unsure I could look around my gas tank and let you know Rdger if your still want. Anyone out there that could help me out with brake issues. I’m new owning this binder.

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