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Not Charging: Regulator or Generator?

The following was originally posted to the forums by cornbinder89 on 1/13/2013 I’m a firm believer that it is more important to know why than how. If you know why, you can figure out a way for how. If you … Continue reading

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Total timing is composed of three parts

Initial advance Centrifugal advance Vacuum advance. Total advance changes depending on load and engine rpm. Vacuum and Centrifugal work together with Initial to keep the engine running smoothly. To set Initial advance: Disconnect the vacuum hose from the carburetor to … Continue reading

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Good Grounds

by Dan Nees Sorry OLD guys, I didn’t think to copy you into this dissertation but; here it is. Digesters, As we have all noticed, grounds in our trucks are the bane of our electrical existence.  The first place to … Continue reading

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Generator Polarity

If the regulator or generator wires are disconnected, or when changing the battery, observe the following instructions in order to avoid the possibility of reversing polarity of the generator, thus vibrating and burning the cut-out relay contacts. See that the … Continue reading

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